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Accessories and optional extras

There are a wide range of options available to enhance your eBike experience. Essentials are of course a good helmet, and we'd recommend gloves and high-vis clothing for safety. You may like to have a rack (if your bike isn't already fitted with one) and panniers or a frame bag.


Basic maintenance items such as a bike pump (a good idea if you don't already have one) and some Muc-Off to keep your bike in top condition are also worth discussing with us.


We have a huge range of options available and we'd encourage you to chat with the team about what you might need.

Keep it clean…

Check out our Muc-Off stand - products designed especially for bikes that will keep your ride in top condition.

Keep it clean
Protect yourself…

A top quality MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) helmet is essential to staying safe on your bike. Come in store and try out our range to find the best fit.

Lazer Helmet.jpeg

Specialised cycling gloves are a great addition to your kit. Not only do they add comfort to your grip and give your hands some reprieve from the wind, they'll also protect your hands should you come off your bike.

Bellwether Cycling Gloves_edited.png
Bellwether Cycling Gloves_edited.png
Giro Jag ette gloves.png
Protect yourself
Be seen…

Be safe, be seen. Cycling jerseys and jackets in fluorescent colours such as orange, yellow and pink will help you be seen in daylight, those long autumn shadows and low light conditions. For night riding most of the clothing have reflective strips built in. 

Ontrack Vest.webp
Be seen
Look around…

Bike mirrors are a helpful way to monitor traffic and others around you when riding your bike on the road. You'll avoid the need to look behind you and inadvertently swerving your bike as you turn your head.

Espion Z56 Mirror_edited.png
Zefal Spy Mirror.jpg
BBB E-VIEW MIRROR _edited.png
Zefal Spin Bar-End Mirror_edited.png
Look around
Light it up…

Many of our Town Cruiser and Commuter eBikes have lights built in, but for those bikes that don't, we have a good selection of options available that are either independently powered or can be run off your eBike's battery.

CatEye Orb.jpg
Moon Rear Light.jpeg
CatEye Front light.jpeg
Light it up
Pack the essentials…

Whether you're after stylish yet functional single or double panniers for the shopping, a pouch for your wallet and phone or frame bags for your biking adventure, we've got so much choice!

Basil - Discovery 365 Double Bag_edited.png
Basil Frame Bag.jpeg
EVOC - SEAT BAG_edited.png
Pack essentials
Lock it up…

There are lots differing opinions about which bike lock is the best for securing your bike. The reality is there are pros and cons for each option. We have a good selection of quality locks to keep your bike secure and deter would-be thieves and we'll gladly talk through the best option for you. 

ULAC NeoChain.webp
Lock it up
Pump it up…

Having some basic maintenance tools and accessories handy will keep you going on your bike. We encourage you to have a bike pump in particular handy for when your bike tyres feel a bit low. Making sure you keep your tyres at the optimum PSI level will ensure efficiency with your eBike power and give you a more comfortable ride.

Topeak minidual.png
Bike Floor Pump Ryder Rival Pro.jpg
Pump it up
Take it with you…

If you have an eBike you'll need a specially designed bike rack to be able to transport your bike. It is important to make sure the rack you are using is built to take the heavier weight of your eBike. We stock a large range for both eBikes and analog (non-powered) bikes and can help you find the right rack for your vehicle and needs.

Yakima Fold Click 3.webp
Take it with you
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