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What's so great about eBikes?

With the introduction of electric bikes (eBikes), cycling has become easier and really fun! For many, they're the perfect solution to a problem: whether it's long commutes or steep hills that need a boost to climb, or keeping up with mates on the trails without exhaustion! For others, you might simply like the idea of going faster, or being able to ride longer distances. 

We have the largest range of eBikes available in Marlborough offering you performance, distance and reliability. Our knowledgeable team are here to help get your next adventure started!

How will you know what eBike is right for you? 

Like anything, there isn't one eBike that will work perfectly for all scenarios, but some are more versatile than others. It is a good idea to know what type of riding you're likely to be doing and we can help you narrow down your choices from there.

Some things to consider:

  • Will you be likely to ride just on the road or on unsealed terrain such as trails? 

  • Do you like the idea of an easy step-through frame, or prefer a crossbar style?

  • If you're taking on the trails and getting off the roads and pathways you'll likely want some form of fork suspension.

  • Wheel size plays a part in how your bike will ride. We have sizes available from 29", with the most common being 27.5", but if you feel safer when lower to the ground (or maybe you're not particularly tall) then a 26" or 24" wheel may be better for you.

  • How far you're likely to want to travel also plays a part and impacts on your choice of battery size. 


There are lots of factors to think about before choosing an eBike, and not just how it looks. How you feel on the bike is really important. So pop in and see our team, chat about what you're looking for in an eBike and test ride some to see what fits you the best!

Have more questions?
What do you need to go with your eBike? Here are our suggestions:

There are a wide range of options available to enhance your eBike experience. The number one essential is of course a good helmet and we'd recommend gloves and high-vis clothing for your safety.


You may like to have a rack (if your bike isn't already fitted with one), and panniers, a frame bag or maybe even a dog basket!

Basic maintenance items such as a bike pump and some Muc-Off to keep your bike in top condition are also worth discussing with us. 

You can explore our accessories page for more details and come and see us in store to discuss with our team what you might need.

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